Social Responsibility

Synthon understands its economic, social and environmental impact on the wider world. We care - for each other, for partners, for patients and for society at large. People are fundamental to our company, whether they are employees, patients or members of society.

We actively contribute to charitable causes - notably those that are related to improving lives and/or our therapeutic focus areas - and to the development of the communities worldwide to which we belong.

We believe in the benefits of knowledge sharing with a long-term perspective and we therefore support various educational initiatives. Furthermore, we organize and support many local initiatives for employees and local communities. 

  • Loans that change lives (ES)
  • Swim to Fight Cancer (NL)
  • You dream, we run (CZ)
  • Stem cell donors (NL)
  • Supporting children (AR and NL)
  • Volunteer work (CZ)
  • Light up a child's Christmas (CZ, CL and ES)
  • Diversity (NL)
  • Supporting vulnerable people (ES and CZ)
  • Helping adolescent and young adult cancer patients
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Education and awareness
  • Enthuse the young (NL and CZ)
  • Overcome yourself (CZ)
  • Workshop (AR)
  • Student plant tours (AR)
  • Supporting talent (CZ and NL)
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Environment, health and safety
  • Equipment donation (AR and ES)
  • Zero Waste (CL)
  • Safety Week (CL)
  • Thinking of our employees (ES)
  • Be healthy, stay healthy (MX)
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