Education and awareness

We believe in the benefits of knowledge sharing with a long-term perspective and we therefore support various educational initiatives.

Enthuse the young (NL and CZ)

We feel it is important to introduce children to science and technology from an early age. We therefore participate in annual events such as Girlsday and the Nijmeegse Techniekdag (Nijmegen Technology Day).

The purpose of Girlsday is to encourage girls to widen their perspective on their future choice of education. For several years now, we have welcomed groups of seventh grade girls from a local primary school. After a short presentation about Synthon and the process of medicine development, the girls were invited to tour our laboratories. They were then able to conduct their own fun experiments, under the professional guidance of female colleagues.

The Nijmegen Technology Day aims to present the fascinating world of science and technology in an easy to understand manner to a broad audience. The day especially targets young people under 15 years of age who are exploring the various options in their education. During the day, a team of enthusiastic colleagues assists the young visitors with fun experiments.

Our Czech colleagues also focused on younger children by supporting the regional final of the 'Young Chemist' competition, which is designed for primary school pupils.

Overcome yourself (CZ)

Synthon sro sponsored the 'Overcome yourself' project, which aims to determine the general public's level of awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS) and to efficiently inform the public about the disease and the life of MS patients. Members of the Czech MS patient organization visited our plant for a short presentation and a guided tour. 

Workshop (AR)

Synthon Argentina organized a four hour free workshop 'Skills and tools to get your first job' for chemistry students at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. The workshop included topics such as how to create a good CV, how is the recruitment process organized (both traditional and non-traditional), what are companies looking for in terms of skills, competencies and diversity, job search engines, LinkedIn, mobile apps and new recruitment tech trends. Thirty-five students attended the workshop. 

Student plant tours (AR)

Every year, Synthon Argentina organizes several plant tours for students. These tours consist of a company presentation, an EHS training and visits to several parts of the production plant and analytical operations. Last year, we received two groups of chemistry students and their professor from Universidad Nacional de Rosario and a group of twenty chemical engineering students from different parts of Argentina, who were attending the XXI National Congress of Chemical Engineering Students in Rosario city.

Supporting talent (CZ and NL)

In June, Synthon Blansko hosted the final presentations of their 'Best thesis in organic chemistry' competition. This competition is organized for university students doing a master's degree in organic chemistry. The three best students were invited to Synthon to present and defend their thesis in person.

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In the Netherlands, the Synthon Molecular Sciences Scholarship was awarded for the fourth time. Synthon founded the scholarship to encourage students to study Science, Chemistry or Molecular Life Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen. Together with the university, we hope to attract more good potential molecular scientists in the Netherlands through the scholarship. The scholarship is worth EUR 5,000 annually over three years and is awarded to an outstanding student every year.

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