Environment, health and safety

Our efforts in the environment, health and safety (EHS) area aim to ensure that our activities are performed in a manner that is safe for our employees, the environment and our stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and neighbors.

Equipment donation (AR and ES)

Obsolete equipment is not trashed but donated to organizations that can still use it. Last year, we donated computer equipment to I.S.E.T. Nro 25 Beppo Levi, an Argentine regional institution that educates chemical and industrial analysts.

In Spain, donations of computer equipment were made to:

  • Tamaia, an association that helps women who are sexual assault victims
  • Feinart, an organization that helps people who are looking for work
  • Pont Solidari, a free service provider run by volunteers which distributes equipment and material among organizations that perform social work.

In addition, we donated laboratory material to the department of Biochemistry and Physiology of the Barcelona University.

Zero Waste (CL)

Synthon Chile made a spectacular improvement in its waste recovery: from 30.7% in October 2017 to 100% in April 2018. As a result, Synthon Chile received the well-deserved 'Zero Waste' certificate. 'Zero Ware' is a model that aims to stop sending waste to landfills. Synthon Chile worked on the implementation of various processes to eliminate waste through recycling, reuse, composting and alternative energy. You can find more information here.   

Safety Week (CL)

Synthon Chile offers its employees various activities and checkups in order to keep them healthy. For several years now, we have organized a Safety Week. Last year's edition also included environmental activities. Employees participated in several activities such as a first aid course. Participants now know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, a Heimlich maneuver and how to control bleeding. Furthermore, employees were able to have their Body Mass Index measured and their eyesight and hearing professionally tested in order to monitor their health. A trainer specialized in occupational health assists our colleagues with so-called active pauses. These pauses consist of work-oriented exercises that are performed through the entire organization aimed at promoting self-care and occupational health.

Thinking of our employees (ES)

Synthon Hispania wants its employees to be healthy, so we have developed several activities. Our company restaurant joined the 'Fruit here please!' program to promote the consumption of fresh fruit. A nice variety of good quality fruit is now available. The restaurant also obtained AMED certification. AMED is short for Alimentación Mediterranea and the certificate is awarded to companies that serve Mediterranean food to their employees.

Be healthy and stay healthy (MX)

As we want our employees to be healthy and stay healthy, Synthon Mexico has developed several activities. Together with the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS), we have introduced a health campaign that includes vaccinations, early detection of cervical cancer, breast examination, eye tests, quick HIV tests and the supply of condoms. To prevent our employees from getting flu, they are given a flu vaccination every season. For our employees over the age of 40, we have an additional campaign focused on heart and vascular diseases. 

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