We organize and support many local initiatives for employees and local communities. An inexhaustive selection is presented below.

Loans that change lives (ES)

The KIVA program provides loans to tackle poverty among people who do not have access to bank loans. Two people received a loan on behalf of Synthon Hispania. One person can now afford to send his three children to school and another was given a loan to establish her seaming business. This enables her to provide for the education of her five children.

Swim to Fight Cancer (NL)

Five teams of Synthon employees participated in the first edition of Swim to Fight Cancer Nijmegen. This is a unique recreational swim of 1,500-2,000 meters in natural water in an urban setting. Participants and teams are sponsored and raise as much money as possible to 'Fight cancer'. This foundation raises funds for scientific cancer research carried out by young talented researchers, and prevention through KWF Kankerbestrijding*. The swim was a success not only in terms of sports - all Synthon participants managed to swim the whole distance - but also in the amount of money raised. You can read more about the swim here.

* Dutch foundation dedicated to combating cancer through scientific research, education, patient support and fundraising

You dream, we run (CZ)

We participated in the 24 hour relay race 'You dream, we run'. The idea behind this race is that disabled people in the Blansko region, children and adults alike, write down their dreams. Teams of runners then try to raise money to fulfill those dreams. Synthon sro was the main partner of the event and also had several runners taking part in the race. The proceeds from the event were enough to fulfill the twelve dreams that were submitted. 

Stem cell donors (NL)

The Matchis Foundation is the Dutch center for stem cell donors. As Synthon supports the foundation's work, we helped to promote stem cell donation within Synthon. During a recruitment campaign, 44 colleagues registered as new stem cell donors. Synthon also reimbursed the costs incurred by the Matchis Foundation for the tissue identification of 25 new donors. 

Supporting children (AR and NL)

In Argentina, Children's Day is celebrated in the third Saturday of August. Our colleagues collected toys for the celebration and donated them to Fundación Tren de la Esperanza - the Train of Hope Foundation. The foundation supports vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 12 who live in poor conditions or have a disability. With over 40 toys collected, Synthon Argentina was happy to contribute to the fesitivities.

In the Netherlands, we selected the KidzBase foundation for our annual Christmas donation. The foundation aims to help Dutch children who do not have the opportunity to grow up in their own families. These children have been displaced from their homes because of a dysfunctional situation. They have experienced a lot and lack safe and stable homes. KidzBase works with specialized and professional care institutions. With individual and small-scale projects, they aim to bring color to the children's lives once more.

Volunteer work (CZ)

As part of the Synthon sro 'Volunteering' project, all employees are allowed to sign up for voluntary work or participate in projects or activities for one day per year. Over 40 employees took part in the activities. Some examples:

  • Building and pulling down the summer camp for Charity Blansko
  • Collecting waste and cleaning roadsides on the road from Synthon Blansko to Olešná
  • Assisting blind people in the 'Road in the dark' competition
  • Helping to organize the St. Nicholas party at the primary school for childen with special needs
  • Preparing a program and providing refreshments for the children of the Boskovice reception center summer camp. The center is part of a charity organization in the Blansko region.

Light up a child's Christmas (CZ, CL and ES)

In the 'Light up a child's Christmas' campaign, employees  of Synthon Chile donated presents to the 'Protectora de la Infancia' foundation. Moreover, for each present of a colleague, Synthon donated an extra present to the foundation. The presents were distributed among vulnerable children and young people in the social programs, residences, schools and kindergartens that the foundation has in Santiago de Chile.

We supported similar initiatives in Spain and the Czech Republic. Our Spanish colleagues donated Christmas gifts for children living in the Llar Nova Esperanca children's care home and Synthon Blansko introduced 'Christmas in a box', a new Christmas charity program for children living in a children's home. Employees prepared a Christmas present - a shoebox filled with toys, clothes and candy - for one child each. There was so much interest among our colleagues that they were able to fill boxes for children in two homes, in Blansko and Boskovice.

Diversity (NL) 

Firmly believing that our company can benefit from more diversity in teams throughout the organization, a group of colleagues took the initiative to investigate Synthon's diversity in the Netherlands and identify any actions which could increase it. This initiative was warmly welcomed and facilitated by our executive leadership. So far, the group has worked on boosting awareness and suggesting improvements that could lead to greater diversity. A clear example is the new mentoring program, in which employees can spar with a senior colleague (a trained mentor) on topics such as work-life balance and career development.

Supporting vulnerable people (ES and CZ)

In Catalonia, 23 April is Sant Jordi's Day. Traditionally, people then give a book or a rose to their close friends. This year, our colleagues wanted to celebrate Sant Jordi's Day in a very supportive way. A rummage sale was organized where people could buy books donated by employees. The money raised went to Open Arms ONG, a non-governmental organization dedicated to help Syrian refugees.

In December, our Czech colleagues hosted a Christmas Charity market. Employees contributed by donating handmade products and then by buying them. Proceeds went to Domov Olga, a humanitarian organization running a day care center and sheltered housing for mentally disabled adults, which we have been supporting for more than 15 years.

We also continued our support of the Czech multiple sclerosis union ROSKA. This year, we contributed by buying boccia game equipment - a sport practiced by athletes with severe physical disabilities.

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