Synthon is a company committed to delivering quality medicines at sustainable pricing through innovative science. Synthon’s strategy from its inception included the development of a vertically integrated organization. 

High-quality medicines

Today, we control every facet of the development chain beginning with research, development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients through to manufacture of our drug products and sale via our marketing partners. This is, and has always been, one of our great strengths in enabling us to deliver high-quality medicines to the people most in need of them. 

We continuously strive to improve our R&D capabilities, global regulatory and IP expertise, and world-class manufacturing and supply chain operations. Our innovative R&D and proven ability to manufacture and distribute high-quality pharmaceuticals position us well to deliver on our ambitions. 

R&D capabilities

Research and development remain vital to the overall value chain and are essential to our company. Complex small-molecule generics and hybrids form the backbone of our product portfolio. Our product range covers many therapeutic areas with medicines to treat a large number of diverse indications. One common factor drives our business and that is the pursuit of innovative excellence with a clear preference for complex synthesis and sophisticated dosage forms. This results in first-rate medicines that meet market needs, supported by strong patents that guarantee a long product lifespan.

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Worldwide infrastructure

Our products are currently approved by regulatory agencies in around 100 countries worldwide and are marketed through strategic partnerships and - in dedicated areas - through direct sales. Our worldwide supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Collaborative partnerships

We believe in a collaborative model, based upon strong partnerships with leading scientists, research institutions and partner companies. Our strategy of developing robust business-to-business partnerships enables us to share knowledge with and draw upon the specialist skills of partner companies. This helps to manage costs, deliver short product development cycle times and bring much-needed products to market. Such has been the success of our efforts that we now have over 200 partner companies today. 

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Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights will remain a crucial factor in the pharmaceutical industry. We actively promote and defend our interests worldwide, particularly with regard to patent and regulatory issues. To this end, we have access to high-quality legal representation and employ in-house patent attorneys, information specialists and support staff. By having the right legal expertise at hand, we can proactively ensure that our interests are fully protected and that a seamless and effective business operation is maintained.

Regulatory affairs

We provide our customers with a complete product, including all components necessary for trouble-free registration, wherever in the world. In practical terms, this means that our experts are familiar - down to the smallest detail - with increasingly stringent and ever-changing regulatory regimes in more than 100 countries.

We compile registration files, compliant with the chemical, pharmaceutical and clinical requirements of regulatory authorities, such as the EMA, FDA and TGA

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