Culture and values

Core values are values that we feel are so fundamental that we would hold them regardless of whether or not they are rewarded or whether they become a competitive disadvantage.

They describe the behavior that will help us achieve our purpose and ambition, and answer questions such as 'what do we stand for?', 'what do we believe in and who do we want to be?' and 'what binds us?' Our widely shared culture and values have been described using three prominent themes.

We are entrepreneurial

At Synthon, we take initiatives and ownership and stand by our own results. We look after the interests of our company and our customers as if they were our own. We act upon opportunities and we learn from success and failure. We have an open mind and we continuously seek innovative solutions and put them into action.

We think long-term

Strategies take time to unfold and bear fruit, especially in our research-intensive work field. For us, it's only logical to focus on the long term rather than aiming for quick profit for a small group of people. Our actions and decisions should always contribute to long-term value creation for our company, our colleagues and society. This requires passion and perseverance. In our determination to reach our goals, we act fairly and stay true to our beliefs.

We go together

We believe that collaborating with each other as well as with customers, suppliers and scientific partners brings effectiveness and success. Trust and respect form the basis for our relationships. It goes without saying that we meet our commitments - both internally and externally. We set the bar high for ourselves and others, but show compassion when things aren't going smoothly or when mistakes are made. We care - for each other, for partners, for patients and for society at large. We are loyal, we work hard and we celebrate to the max.

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