Our recruitment process

Synthon's personnel policy focuses on sustainable growth. Mostly, we are looking for new employees for the long term. If this is not the case, because the job has a temporary character (e.g. replacement during maternity leave), we clearly communicate that it is a temporary position. Our recruitment process consists of several steps.

Step 1

The manager and HR discuss the job profile. The outcome of this discussion is used as input for the vacancy text. Timelines for the process are also established and communicated as we feel it is important to be transparent to potential candidates on what to expect during the recruitment and selection process. 

Step 2

The job opening is published on our website, our LinkedIn page and external recruitment channels. We have a personal approach, so we prefer to directly get in touch with potential candidates rather than use a recruitment agency. 

Step 3 

The vacancy text always includes contact details, preferably of the hiring manager. In that way, candidates, who wish to enquire about specific job or department details can get in touch with the relevant person.

Step 4

The text also describes the rest of the procedure which always consists of at least two rounds of interviews. Dates are included in the text for optimal presentation. The first-round interview is usually conducted by the hiring manager and one of our HR business partners. In the second interview, several team members and the selected candidates are given the opportunity to get acquainted.

Step 5

Finally, terms of employment are discussed. When the contract is signed, we welcome our new colleague.

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