Synthon Chile managed to make a spectacular improvement in its waste recovery; from 30.7% in October 2017 to 100% in April 2018. As a result, our colleagues received the well-deserved ‘Zero Waste’ certificate.

‘Zero Waste’ is a model that aims to stop sending waste to landfills. It is one of many alternatives and innovative solutions that have emerged in Chile to deal with the problem of waste. Together with Eco-Logica, a company dedicated to waste management, Synthon Chile worked on the implementation of various processes to eliminate any type of waste through recycling, reuse, composting and alternative energy.

Focus on recovery

Christian Rodriguez, general manager Synthon Chile, explains: “The entire cycle begins with being recovery-focused. So, we reuse pallets and if necessary have them repaired. All our paper and cardboard waste is recycled by paper mills which transform it into raw material again. Next, our organic waste is separated into compostable bags of vegetable origin and sent to a plant that turns it into soil. Waste that cannot be treated by either of these processes is transformed into alternative energy.” 

No more waste

All processes are entirely managed by Eco-Logica, which owns an industrial waste treatment plant, an ideal infrastructure to transport solid and liquid waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Everything is monitored by tracking software that guarantees that not even the smallest piece of garbage ends up in a landfill. Rodriguez adds: “We have not sent a gram of waste to a landfill, thereby recovering 120 tons of garbage per year.”

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