We are very pleased to announce that Synthon B.V. is supporting Amalia children’s fund by donating a financial gift and materials for the children in the hospital. All employees from Synthon Nijmegen contributed to the donation.

A child's hospitalization is a profound event for both the child and the parents. Then it is wonderful to be able to count on the best care in a hospital that is specially tailored to children and their parents: the Amalia Children's Hospital. The Amalia children’s fund supports all those specialists, researchers and nurses at the hospital.

The Amalia Children's Fund is part of the Radboudumc Amalia kinderziekenhuis. Every year, Radboudumc Amalia kinderziekenhuis takes care of 22,000 children who depend on the care, knowledge and expertise of the children's hospital. With donations the Amalia kinderziekenhuis can make the hospital more child-friendly. This way, children can receive the best care in a place where they can simply be children despite their illness. 

We know how important family is. Especially when a child is ill. That is why we have a warm heart for the Amalia Children's Hospital.

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