On 30 September, the Nijmegen Technology Day took place for the ninth time, and again Synthon participated in this excellent initiative. The team involved can look back on a very successful day.

During the Technology Day regional education institutes and companies demonstrate the fascinating world of science and technology to a broad audience in a manner that is easy to understand. The event especially targets young people under 15 years of age who are orienting themselves on possible choices for their education. The purpose of the Technology Day is to interest them in an education and career in science or technology. A wide variety of businesses and schools present themselves in an exciting and playful way. 

An enthusiastic team of Synthon colleagues offered the young visitors several fun science activities: spotting blood cells under the microscope, separating the dyes in M&Ms, puzzling on the unknown concentration of a blue fluid and discovering what pH is. 

Just like previous editions, the Technology Day was very well-visited; during the day approximately 250 children and their parents visited the Synthon booth. 

Nijmegen Technology Day 2017
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