Synthon is an international, science-centered pharmaceutical company specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality generic and hybrid medicines for patients around the world. Synthon's innovative R&D and proven ability to manufacture and distribute high-quality pharmaceuticals position the company well for the future.

Our purpose

We work to develop therapies that address the needs of people worldwide and help improve their health and well-being.

Through the provision of high-quality generic and hybrid medicines we make treatments more affordable and increase access to important remedies.

We keep the pride and satisfaction of our highly committed group of colleagues at the center while building our company.

Our ambition

Good health is something we all desire and deserve. We believe that everyone on this planet is entitled to have access to quality medicines at sustainable pricing. 

We will put our cutting-edge science, ability to innovate and talented people into action to provide solutions to the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

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