Synthon was founded in 1991. Within two years, our creative vision and passion for making healthcare more affordable led to the development of a generic version of dobutamine, a sympathomimetic drug used in the treatment of heart failure and cardiogenic shock. The success of this first product marked the start of our rapid international growth.

Synthon quickly grew from a Nijmegen-based company employing fewer than a hundred people into the fully-fledged company it is today with laboratories, offices and production plants in nine countries around the world and products currently approved by regulatory agencies in around 100 countries worldwide.

Our milestones


1991: Founded in the Netherlands
1993: Launched first product: generic dobutamine
1994: Opened R&D facility in Prague, CZ
1997: Opened office in North Carolina, U.S.
1998: Acquired drug product manufacturing facility in Spain
2000: Acquired API production facility in Blansko, CZ
2001: Acquired API production facility in Argentina


2003: Introduced simvastatin
2006: Introduced tamsulosin
2007: Acquired Laboratorios Rider in Chile
2007: Launched biopharmaceuticals business
2009: Opened new R&D and production unit in Blansko, CZ
2009: Opened office in Moscow, RU
2010: Acquired Laboratorios Nafar in Mexico
2010: Opened office in South Korea
2011: Opened new biopharmaceutical laboratories in Nijmegen, NL
2011: Acquired Syntarga in the Netherlands


2012: Multi-purpose GMP drug manufacturing facility in Chile in business
2012: Licensed biosimilar trastuzumab to Amgen/Watson (now: Amgen/Actavis)
2012: Inauguration of R&D pilot plant in Argentina
2013: New antibody-drug conjugation (ADC) facility operational
2014: New monoclonal antibody production (mAb) facility established in Nijmegen, NL
2014: Opened new plant dedicated to the manufacture of API in Argentina
2014: Opened new facility for linker-drug production in Blansko, CZ
2015: Successful completion of Phase III clinical trial with glatiramer acetate 20 mg/mL 
2016: Approval obtained for glatiramer acetate 20 mg/mL in Europe
2016: Opened laboratory dedicated to the development of high-potent molecules in Chile
2017: Initiation of the pivotal Phase III TULIP trial®
2018: U.S. FDA Fast Track designation for [vic-]trastuzumab duocarmazine
2019: BC Partners acquires Synthon International Holding B.V.

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